​​​​​​Ariel Fernandez

Scientist - Consultant

A comprehensive introduction to Epistructural Biology may be found at

Ariel Fernández (2021) Epistructural biology: A conceptual and representational framework for AI-based drug design, in Artificial Intelligence Platform for Molecular Targeted Therapy, Chapter 2, pp. 17-91 (2021).

Epistructural Biology

Linus Pauling, the towering figure of physical chemistry, became aware of the importance of the hydrogen bond and made it a foundational concept in Structural Biology. He also said that there was more to it, hinting that a meta-analysis of structural biology was still missing. He conveyed this message to Oktay Sinanoglu, Yale University’s wonderboy, who had been made full professor at the age of 28. In September of 1981, Oktay Sinanoglu passed on Pauling’s prophetic words to his student Ariel Fernandez, who had just arrived at Yale from his native Argentina. Ariel Fernandez received the fastest awarded doctorate in Yale’s modern history. Yet, it took Ariel Fernandez 30 years to bring Pauling’s idea to fruition. In 2012, the long overdue meta-analysis of structural biology finally materialized and Epistructural Biology was born. The new discipline was heralded in the September 2018 cover of Annalen der Physik displaying Ariel Fernandezdehydron, the pivotal concept of Epistructural Biology.