The Daruma Institute for Applied Intelligence has opened its doors on February 7, 2018 as a research arm of the AF Innovation Consultancy. It is mainly devoted to artificial intelligence platforms for data science, with a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from biomedical research to mathematical cosmology. It is currently headed by Ariel Fernández.​​

Ariel Fernández (born Ariel Fernández Stigliano) is an Argentinian-American physical chemist and mathematician. He obtained a Ph. D. degree in Chemical Physics from Yale University and held the Karl F. Hasselmann Endowed Chair Professorship in Bioengineering at Rice University. He is currently involved in research and entrepreneurial activities at various consultancy firms. Ariel Fernández authored seven books on translational medicine, biophysics and cosmological technology, and published over 450 papers in professional journals. He also holds three biotechnology patents.

Publications related to the mission of the Institute

Books by Ariel Fernandez

​Ariel Fernández and L. Ridgway Scott: “Advanced modeling reconciles counterintuitive decisions in lead optimization”. Trends in Biotechnology, CELL Press 35, 490-497 (2017).

 Ariel Fernández: “Making targeted therapy compatible with checkpoint immunotherapy”. Trends in Biotechnology, CELL Press 35, 582-585 (2017).


 Ariel Fernández: “Engineering Tumor Hypersusceptibility to Checkpoint Immunotherapy”. Trends in Cancer, CELL Press 3, 675-677 (2017).

Ariel Fernández: “Deep Learning to Therapeutically Target Unreported Complexes”. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, CELL Press 40, 551-554 (2019). 

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The ten COVID-19 papers by Ariel Fernandez at the American Chemical Society

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